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360 Assessments provide an opportunity for an individual to assess their self-awareness against the perceptions

that exist their managers, their peers, their direct reports, and even individuals outside their 

organization, such as stakeholders, clients (and potentially family and friends).

These tools are a powerful way to validate what you do well, confirm growth areas and competencies to focus

on, and most importantly, identify possible blind spots that could derail your development and career.


The Leadership Circle Profile is a leadership assessment that measures and provides leaders feedback through the lens of the Universal Model. It is the only instrument that measures the two primary leadership domains – Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies – and integrates this information so that key opportunities for leadership development immediately rise to the surface.

EQi 360

This powerful 360 tool takes a deep dive into Emotional Intelligence, and the 15 competencies associated with emotional intelligent leaders and individuals.

Emotional Intelligence is one of the foundational realms of highly effective and successful leaders, impacting all areas of life, from self-awareness, managing relationship effectively, communicating effectively, and how we manage challenges such as stress, change, conflict and more.

Customized 360 Solutions

Do you have very specific needs when it comes to assessing and developing your leaders?

Customized, interview-based 360's are the ideal way to dig deeper into the performance of your key leaders and personnel. This approach also forms a basis for regular reviews of senior leadership, directors and board members, as a part of good governance practice.

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