Informative Interview


Assessments can be a powerful tool as a team or organization works to increase effectiveness. There are many options available, and they all add value.

The goal of utilizing an assessment tool is to create a foundation to build from, a common language, and most importantly, space to have a robust dialogue. And while not always required, these tools are a great way to kick off a program, get to know ourselves, and get to know one another.

LLG Inc. works with a variety of tools, and also adapts programming to incorporate language of your organizations existing tools, if you already have a program in place. In addition to the individual assessments below, please visit our 360 Assessments page.

Emotional Intelligence - EQi 2.0

The EQ work is foundational for individual and leaders seeking to build capacity in all areas of life and is a key component of professional development plans.


Research has consistently demonstrated the correlation between Emotional Intelligence and effectiveness as leaders and managers.


Emotionally Intelligent leaders are able to proactively solve problems and challenges, lead teams through self-evaluation, address challenges when individuals break team norms, build effective relationship, and able to better assess situations, to name just a few.


Organizations who invest in EI training and helping individuals at all levels build capacity in this foundational area consistently report positive movement and a return on investment.

Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI)

The SDI suite of assessments provides invaluable insights into our values, motivations, and strengths, and how they contribute to our effectiveness.

Digging deeper, the SDI helps us to better understand how those motivations impact our communication, ability to work well with others, and what it looks like when we are in conflict. Through an examination of our values and our strengths, we increase awareness of the patterns of thought and behaviour we have, and how those help us, or in some cases hold us back. We gain an increased appreciation for others, what they bring to the table, and how we can work more effectively together. 

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