Coaching Collective - please join us!

As we adapt to social distancing, working in new ways, working from home, we wanted to explore a collective coaching experiment, based on work of Glenda Eoyang, PhD, and the Human System Dynamics Institute. This is a great way to stay connected, a great way to help each other explore, and a great experiment to challenge us to communicate differently.

I have used this approach 1/1 and in group sessions when teaching leadership and coaching concepts and would love to take it virtual with you. I would like to invite you to participate. Based on response, we will determine how often we run sessions. If you would like to participate, or be on the invite list for each session, please add your email in the comments section. Invites for each session will be sent via ZOOM.

If you have a current challenge or opportunity, and you would like to have a group of coaches fire questions at you…please send me an email via LinkedIn or to with a brief summary of the coaching topic.

How it works...

Each call lasts 20-30 mins.

For each call, one participant shares a current challenge, opportunity etc. 

The balance of the participants, coaches and otherwise, ask any questions that they may have about the challenge.

The participant/coachee does not respond to the questions. This is an opportunity to hear, listen, take in – with the goal of exposing participant to new ways of seeing, new angles of inquiry, and more.

Looking forward to exploring and engaging together!