The Effectiveness Planner

The Effectiveness Planner is a perfect way to keep track of your day, while developing patterns, habits and behaviours that will increase effectiveness, both personally and professionally.

The Effectiveness Planner - Self Awareness (Edition 1) provides a tool to take your vision of your future self and break it down into achievable (bite-size) milestones to help you get there.

And that is not all!

Often, we have a clear picture of our future, and what we need to do to get there. However, at the end of the year, where we traditionally reflect on progress, we are often not as far along as we would have liked.

And, it is not uncommon for that to happen year over year, eventually causing us to change or give up on our goals.

Using the Take 5 Development Model (T5), the Effectiveness Planner leads you through the goal setting process, helping you establish realistic and achievable goals.

And to ensure you are operating at your most effective, you are also led through activities and exercises to increase your awareness of yourself, and how your patterns of thought and behaviour contribute to your success.

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